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Meet Our Therapists

Here at the Sanctuary we have some wonderful teachers, coaches, mentors and instructors.

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Susi McWilliam

Meet our very own Susi! 

Susi offers Meditation and Mindfulness Classes & One on One sessions for children and adults, Reiki for children and adults, Anxiety Coaching and programmes, Aroma Touch and Aroma Reiki
Essential Oil workshops, classes and consultations Card Readings.

Book online at

FUN FACT: Did you know Susi likes to make up her own jokes and finds them hilarious, even If no one else does!

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Donna McDonald

Meet the lovely Donna of Peaceful Grove Therapy & Counsellin

Donna is an experienced, registered member of BACP offering safe and confidential Pluralistic counselling covering a range of issues and by working collaboratively we can develop the tools to address life's challenges. 

She also offers Reiki, Crystals & Vibrational Essences. In the near future she will be introducing you to Shamanic therapies as well as trauma release through breathwork. Ask Donna about her Workshops throughout 2019.

FUN FACT: Did you know Donna was a Previous Thai Boxer!

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Annie Grant

Meet the extremely talented Annie Grant of Art by Annie Grant.

Annie offers Therapeutic Classes in her Art Club. Art Club for home-school children 7 – 14 years of age. Each session is for 2 hours and includes 1-hour practical art, 30 minutes art theory and 30 minutes relaxation or meditation with Susi from The Sanctuary. 

The club aims to enable children to explore art and express themselves in a relaxed friendly space whilst linking their artistic learning with the curriculum. Art Club runs once a month during term-time.

FUN FACT: Would you believe it she can build a dry-stone dyke!


Verity Bryce

Meet Verity, a passionate Yoga Teacher who has always had an interest in the wellbeing and health of others, after becoming a nurse. 

Hatha yoga is an ancient practice from India focusing on the union of the mind and body. The Sanskrit word Hatha can be translated as Ha meaning Sun and Tha meaning moon and it unites and balances the two.

Verity teaches Hatha Yoga Classes for all abilities on a Thursday Morning! 

FUN FACT: Did you know Verity once ran 100 miles for fun!

Clara Pic 1_edited.jpg

Clara Hill

Meet Clara of Emerald Phoenix

Clara specialises in Firewalk and Arrow Breaking Empowerment Workshops; is a Shamanic Practitioner and offers KCR Therapy.

It is with the greatest joy and gratitude that Clara is able to pass on these teachings to you so that you too can find your bliss.

FUN FACT: She can bend steel rods with her throat!





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Dawn Forsyth

Meet the wonderful Dawn Forsyth of Heart and Sole Reflexology

Dawn is a fully qualified practitioner and a full member of the Assoc. of Reflexologists, an independent organisation supporting professional therapists. 

Reflexology is a complementary therapy based on the principle that reflex points on the feet correspond to organs and systems in the body. Gently working the reflex points is thought to increase circulation, eliminate toxins and induce relaxation.

Reflexology may help with: Sleep, mood, relaxation and well-being!

FUN FACT: Dawn loves cheesy films from the eighties!

Sanctuary 6.png

Lisa Fairley

Meet Lisa Fairley, an outstanding individual who exudes enthusiasm for life especially when teaching Yoga to Kids and Adults, she brings to you: WISDOM WARRIOR YOGA & WEE YOGA WARRIORS.


Lisa is a Registered Hatha Yoga Teacher as well as a Children's Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher. Her Adult classes run on Wednesday evenings 7-8pm and are suitable for all levels, this is your practice and your body. Lisa also teaches Tween/Teen Yoga & Mindfulness classes on Wednesday evening at 5.30pm, this is a fun, friendly and safe space for young people to learn yoga postures, mindfulness techniques and the art of relaxation.

FUN FACT: Lisa once ziplined over zebras & rhinos at San Diego Safari Park

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